Entrepreneur Affiliates Mastery
Discover How To Tap Into A Billion Dollar Industry Following My Step By Step Affiliate Strategy  
My goal is to teach you exactly how to build an affiliate marketing business from scratch. I work with all my students to ensure they know how to create PROFITABLE campaigns to scale up and run on auto pilot! - Anthony Alfonso
Jay Clayton: " VALUE : is what you get with a coaching call with Anthony Alfonso "
Learn How To Create A SIX FIGURE + Income With Affiliate Marketing 
$122,000 One CPA Network
$86,000 One CPA Networks
Learn How I Was The #1 Affiliate In A MLM Company With Strictly Paid Ads.
$44,000 In One Month


Here's What You'll Get!
Here's What You'll Get!
  • ($4,997) FULL ACCESS TO THE ENTREPRENEUR AFFILIATES MASTERY COURSE!                                                             Premium Recorded HD Videos Teaching A-Z CPA / Affiliate Marketing Super Affiliate Tactics!                                         
  • ($4,997) FULL ACCESS TO THE ENTREPRENEUR AFFILIATES MASTERY COURSE! Premium Recorded HD Videos Teaching A-Z CPA / Affiliate Marketing Super Affiliate Tactics!                                         
  • ($1,997) 3 MONTHS OF UNLIMITED 1 ON 1 EMAIL SUPPORT! Full Access To My Team And Myself To Help Answer Any Questions You Have With Affiliate Marketing + Campaigns.                                       
  • ($1,997) 3 MONTHS OF UNLIMITED 1 ON 1 EMAIL SUPPORT!    Full Access To My Team And Myself To Help Answer Any Questions You Have With Affiliate Marketing + Campaigns.                                       
  • ($997) UNIQUE GUIDE TO TRACKING/SPYING FOR AFFILIATES! Learn Step By Step How Super Affiliates Track To Make Crazy ROI!                                       
  • ($997) UNIQUE GUIDE TO TRACKING/SPYING FOR AFFILIATES!                                                                                Learn Step By Step How Super Affiliates Track To Make Crazy ROI!                                       
  • ($1,997) DONE FOR YOU AFFILIATE CAMPAIGNS! Full Reveal To CPA Marketing Campaigns I Ran On Facebook Ads And Bing Ads And Had Success With!                                  
  • ($1,997) DONE FOR YOU AFFILIATE CAMPAIGNS!                          Full Reveal To CPA Marketing Campaigns I Ran On Facebook Ads And Bing Ads And Had Success With!                                  
  • ($997) EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP ACCESS! Exclusive Access To Our Inner Circle Facebook Group. 
  • ($997) EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP ACCESS!        Exclusive Access To Our Inner Circle Facebook Group. 
    • WHAT Affiliate Marketing / CPA is and WHY it's the BEST Online Business Today!
    •  The BEST EXAMPLES of SUCCESSFUL Affiliate Marketing in the Real World Campaigns. 
    •   STEP BY STEP PLAN on How to Start a Successful Affiliate Marketing Business 
    •  The MOST PROFITABLE EVER GREEN NICHES in Affiliate Marketing REVEALED! (Game-changer) 
    •  How to TRACK affiliate sales like an EXPERT! *TOP SECRET* (Worth the price of the course alone) 
    •  How to CREATE an Affiliate Marketing WEBSITE from Scratch For Any Offer In 10 minutes! (Sooo easy) 
    •  How to Create a FACEBOOK AD for Affiliate Marketing 
    •  How to Use CLICKFUNNELS, the #1 Tool for Affiliate Marketers 
    •  EMAIL MARKETING 101 - STEP by STEP Setup and Templates! 
    •  Hidden Secretes of FACEBOOK Fan Pages for Affiliates 
    •  How to Create a Bing AD Campaign for Affiliate marketing 
    •  Copy My Exact methods I use to take Affiliate Marketing Offers From 0 To 6 Figures!
    • Introduction Into Affiliate Marketing / CPA
    •  Understanding The Flow Of Affiliate Marketing 
    •  Join The Private Facebook Group
    MODULE 1
    Affiliate Networks 
    • Top Affiliate Networks Revealed
    •  How To Get In ANY Affiliate Network
    •  Big MONEY Offers To Promote
    •  Evergreen Niches To Promote
    •  Good VS Bad Affiliate Offers
    •  Homework
    MODULE 2
    Competitive Spying
    • Intro Into Competitive Intelligence
    •  Spying On Super Affiliates
    •  Manual Spying Secretes Part 1
    •  Manual Spying Secretes Part 2
    •  Manual Spying Secretes Part 3
    •  Best Paid Spying Methods For Success
    •  Viral Traffic Secrets 
    •  Homework
    MODULE 3
    Landing Pages
    • Intro Into Landing Pages
    •  Best Landing Pages For Affiliate Sales
    •  Advance Funnel Psychology
    •  Advance Landing Page Strategies 
    •  Landing Page Setup For ANY Affiliate Offer
    •  Best Paid Spying Methods For Success
    •  Good VS Bad Landing Pages
    •  Outsourcing Landing Pages
    •  Pure Value Strategy
    •  Homework
    MODULE 4
    • Introduction Into Tracking
    •  Understanding Tracking Terms
    •  Beginner Tracking Overview
    •  Advance Tracking Overview
    •  How To Set Up Custom Domains 
    •  Expert Tracking (Campaign REVEAL)
    •  How To Track Affiliate Sales Collecting Emails 
    •  Homework
    MODULE 5
    Email Marketing
    • Intro Into Email Marketing
    •  Email Marketing 101
    •  Full Email Campaign Set Up A-Z
    •  Email Spying / Research   
    •  Insight To Successful List Building
    •  Scaling Email Marketing Campaigns For Profits
    •  Outsourcing Emails
    •  Homework
    MODULE 6
    Fan Pages 
    • Secretes Behind Facebook Fan Pages
    •  Full Fan Page Set 
    •  Best Messenger Bot Strategy 
    •  Messenger Bot Mastery
    •  Homework
    MODULE 7
    •  Business Manager Tactics
    •  Unspoken Truth About Facebook Rules
    •  Good VS Bad Facebook Ads 
    •  Advance Swipe Secretes 
    •  Affiliate Marketing Pixel Secretes 
    •  How To Laser Target Affiliate Offers
    •  Dark Posts VS Existing Post 
    •  Creating Your First Campaign
    •  How To Get Ad Accounts (Reveal)
    •  How To Optimize Campaigns 
    •  When To KILL Campaigns
    •  Scaling Campaigns 101
    •  Scaling For Success
    •  Re-targeting Madness
    •  Outsourcing Automation Building Systems 
    •  Homework
    MODULE 8
    Bing Ads 
    •  Introduction Into Bing Ads
    •  Bing Affiliate Marketing Overview
    •  Best Bing Affiliate Offers To Promote 
    •  FREE Bing Spying
    •  Building Profitable Bing Ad Copy
    •  Understanding Keyword Types 
    •  Brand Bidding VS Broad Bidding 
    •  Bing Accounts 101
    •  How To Direct Link Bing Campaigns
    •  How To Use Presell Landers On Bing Ads 
    •  Combining Bing With Facebook Ads
    •  Understanding Bing Back Office 
    •  Negative Keyword List
    •  Advance Testing Formula
    •  Advance Scaling For Bing Campaigns  
    •  Homework
    MODULE 9
    (BONUS) Done For You Campaigns
    • Facebook DFY #1
    •  Facebook DFY #2
    •  Facebook DFY #3
    •  Bing DFY #1
    •  Bing DFY #2
    •  Bing DFY #3
    Affiliate Center
    • Unlimited Affiliate Commissions 
    •  Affiliate SEO Commissions
    •  Affiliate Support
    Live Case Study
    0 To Sales
    •  Journey To Sales Campaign Overview
    •  Live Optimization Sales Made
    Anthony Alfonso,
    Founder of
    • ​I'm Averaging 6 Figures from Paid Advertising Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, Bing Ads and Email Marketing.
    • My focus is developing a strategy to turn your losing campaign into a winning campaign
    • ​Once you understand the proper formula for a winning campaign its just like printing money.
    • ​Stop wasting money on outdated training methods that promise you to get rich overnight. Too many course sellers make money from selling training and not from actually building profitable campaigns!
    • ​My methods work for any product in affiliate / cpa marketing. 
    fROM 9-5 To Mutiple 6 Figures
    Building For Your Future, Starts Here.
    Join Entrepreneur Affiliates Mastery Before The Price Is Raised And Bonuses Removed!
    Frequently Asked Questions: 
    1) How can I contact you if I have more questions?
    ANSWER - When signing up for the training course you will have access too all of the inner circle benefits. Unlimited email support for 3 months.

    2) Can I join your private Facebook group entrepreneur affiliates mastery?
    ANSWER - Of course we will be able to network in more depth inside the facebook group!

    3) How much can I make with CPA/ Affiliate Marketing?
    ANSWER - Skys the limit! Once you build a profitable campaign it's scaling your campaign correctly.

    4) Can I " Get Rich Quick"?
    ANSWER - No, anyone who tells you that just run the other way!

    5) Can I get results with your training course?
    ANSWER - Have you ever heard the quote, "You can bring a horse to water, but you can make him drink it" with our session if your willing to take action invest in your campaigns and implement what I'm teaching you will learn how to create results!  

    6) How Much Do I Need To Be Successful With Affiliate Marketing And Paid Advertising?
    ANSWER - The higher the budget the better. I've had students have success with budgets as low as $1,000. I recommend $1,500+ to get started. 

    7) Can I pay with Paypal?
    ANSWER - Yes, you can pay with PayPal. Contact
    Stay Humble, Stay Hungry! The Key To Affiliate Marketing Is Taking Action And Learning From Someone Crushing It Already. Lets Hit Your Affiliate Income Goals Together!
    Anthony Alfonso
    CPA/ Affiliate Marketer 
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